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Boat Package
Everything you need to camo your 14ft - 16ft boat.

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Kit includes:
4 sheets of 5 x 8
2 sheets of 4 x 5

40 linear ft total!

Dealers, Duck Clubs, Guides & Outfitters
We have a program to fit every retailer's needs, from full containers to single pallets.

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Quack Grass is made of hand woven palm fronds that blend perfectly with cattails, cornstalks, salt grass, rice stubble, etc. Fast installation, durability, natural camo coloring and our unique large loop construction makes Quack Grass the perfect choice for your hunting blind. Use it on Duck Boats, Goose Blinds, Permanent Floating Blinds and any other type of waterfowl hunting apparatus. Our ends are uncut which provide a fuller 3D look than other mats. Lightweight and tough, Cuts to size without unraveling, will last several seasons!

Quack Grass makes fast work of dressing blinds, boats, and pit lids. It attaches quickly using zip ties, bungee cords, staples, etc. We are the direct importer and work with the weavers to offer you two popular sizes as well as other fine products made from Quack Grass.

For those BIG JOBS...
Try our new 8' x 5' sheet of grass. Yes, 8' x 5' wide sheets of grass!!!


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Good For Ground Blinds
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